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(free) 03:24


released January 7, 2014

released 7 January 2014
Artwork by Kayden Wong
Recorded and Mixed at The Red Room, Queens, NY


all rights reserved



WongTune$ New York, New York

Jack of most trades. Not what you'd presume. iRap, iProduce, iDance; iTuNe$... Tryna be King. No Joker. Impossible to explain myself within 160 characters, 16 bars, or this Bio section.

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Track Name: Ooh Kill Em
It's TuNe$
You can bring the hearse in

Nowadays everybody wanna rap
But ain't got nothing say
So nothing comes out that ain't wack
Sorry to say
Crack, All in a days work
boom bap to the trap
Nothing is safe
Now that I'm back, I'm amid
Fronting away
From kids
Wanting to hear
Bout AK's that I spray
Or how I'm making it rain
All the chicks that I bang
Or twerking
Slow it down
Better get to working
On a better you
And I TuNe$ will work on iTuNe$ 2
4th quarter, 1st or quote
Soon soon
Just know this is rehearsal
You seen the hearse dude
And got a rose for my daddy
See He died 3 days then He rose for the family
And that might come in handy
When it's time, so for now
I'm a do what He asked me
Kill em all
No exceptions or end like Saul
Be the standard or be like y'all
I don't know, lemme think,
huh. Dawg... You really serious?
Ain't that hard
Still it's practice
It ain't my fault
Line shaken'll break em off
With a style that's taking off
Like the holidays
But still got work like it's seasonal
They always hated but they got a reason now
May see it's in my genes the way I rip lees
It seams unbelievable
By any means, do what ever's feasible
If money talks, then we kinda speaking now
meal plan points
I gotta eat
If they wanna make noise
Tell keep it down
Ain't really gon whisper to y'all
Turn up, what? I'm giving my all
They vegetables, they ain't living at all
No Vestibule, not near the building at all
Scheme sounding tired? Please don't get involved.
Switch up the word y'all all be in awe
(I mean) switch up the end word
With the n word. Never mind
It's just a thought.
let the beat bang
Chinese and you can miss me with the yin yang
I don't play
Ain't no play thang
Well, maybe just a little
Lick a shot
Bang bang bang
In the air
We don't want no problems here
Rather that
Than a disappear
- ing Act
So I do this here
Kill tracks like
Ooh kill em
Touch tracks making sure that you feel em
Not Tunechi, TuNe$, No ceiling
Music my main squeeze, no lemon
Life and death in the tongue, no weapon
Not a gun, not a holy Armageddon
Flow sick, rich soon as Army get on
if that's dead on, for this second
What I spit it'll stick like venom
Cause what I spit sick hot venom
Every track that I'm on yeah I dead em
And they say I'm ice cold, way I'm stepping
And it's practiced from the beginning

Ooh kill em

Track Name: Started
Started from the top of the track,
I don't do the bottom
You can keep that
I said ummm
What I'm hearing wack
But it's kinda catchy
I Can't deny that

I got that started from the middle struggle
That's Too much for free lunch
But not enough to keep me free of trouble
See em in that civic bubble
They Pop clutch, and peel up
They Playing school lunch, then wheel up

Started from the top of the track,
I don't do the bottom
You can keep that
I said ummm
What I'm hearing wack
But it's kinda catchy
I Can't deny that

I got that started from the middle struggle
That's Too much for free lunch
But not enough to keep me free of trouble
and I see em creepin subtle
To run out, and roll up
But hold up, don't hold up

See, ain't got nothing for you but Hot rhymes
And it's a hot line if I call in a Hot 9
No rap money, no other income either
Can't even pay the gas bill, but they always run with heaters
You believe dis?
The thirst in the hood can't quenched by liters
Of lemon tap water
Need koolaid packets with Jesus
That living water,
But off campus cats is the theivest
Even take over the show, the same way
Kelly did Regis
I mean its... he prolly retired
But y'all get the point
They get the gun, point the gun, and we get the gun point
They want your wallet, celly, cigarettes, fun, joy
iPhone 5 locked? Well the they want your thumb joint
And everything passed that
Looking on it
They'll get the book thrown at em
Right now I'll book it on em
They gon shoot if they shooters
But what they really want is
A quick come up
Charges? They don't really want it
When they already got 2,
Stunting by yourself
Then they already got you
Thinking you safe, after dark
To rock through
The neighborhood on foot
Til they rob and rock you
Keep playing while they preying on the feeble
Get back to common sense
I don't understand people
A jog at 1 Am is pivotal
"But acting invincible, just ain't sensible
It's [2000 and now]
Still there's certain individuals
Swear the rolling hard and get robbed off principle..."
Mos def you got them texts and been warned
But y'all juvenile,
So them stories will drag on...
Track Name: Down Bottom
Yeah (uh,uh...)
It's TuNe$

Me and my people gon make it
Take it, flip it change it
Record break it
Guinness and them
Like Raiden, Kayden's
Finishing them
Til it's subzero, I don't know cold
They say they put in work, I don't know Cole.
They looking like Tommy
Talmbout Spraying Tommie's
Go figure
Must be Hillfiger
Hitter, killer? Nah
Just instrumentals
Instrumental in melting mentals
I, coincidentally
Flow sick, and sicken em
And yet I,
I got the remedy
Call me, MD. D-O-C-T-O-R
Wong, just get with me
Now let's see
Gotta Switch it up
Don't baby the beat
But I gotta pick it up
Naaaah I don't really like tho
Too easy gotta fight that flow
Get it insured
Geico tho
They like "well, what do you know?"
An MC's still nice
Even if you don't know em
Follow where I'm going
Do y'all really buss y'all guns?
(Hell) nah, why is you fronting?
All these rappers talking fly
Fly trapping
Why is you buggin?
Beaks flapping
Why is you ducking?
But if you've forgotten
Tell em to at me
They don't want no Problem
Track Name: @Wongtunes ft Angie
TuNe$ What?
TuNe$ Who?
TuNe$ What?

Switch your flow, get your dough
Can't mess with RMG tho
Switch your flow, get your dough
Can't mess with the regiment

Verse 1
Y'all ain't really know my flow loco
No? Oh
Well I Chanel like Co Co
Cross Seas sets, Sales
Jhené Chilombo
Automatic the way my lyric gun load
Blauw (Bang)
Better yet unload
Got my Afro thunder, ready 2 rumble
You Got hate
Get lost like Dorothy & toto
For show I bring def to records
They so so
So they don't hear me
Only Nassau & Hofstra radio play me
Call me Hasslehoff the way your bay watch
My every sway, stop it claiming she crazy
For you
Rap, make you say uh
Four u's
Master letter before q
Nana nana
Biting piranha Nahs
Preying on prey but it's safe to say that they still food

TuNe$ What?
(Flow me)
TuNe$ Who?
(recognize, w to the t)
TuNe$ What?
(Follow me)

Verse 2
Lemme get it back
Down pat, security
Bouncers, Patrick
Rappers eulogy
Countless actors
Practice scrutiny
But Hate ain't new to me
Let's say we got immunity
Tell em Get Well soon, or die from it
I know I'm gon catch my dreams
Or die running
Joy Johnson, sponsored
Stop ya nonsense
When hearing a flow that's God send
That ain't blasphemy
Blessed with lyrical TECs
That'll blast for me
Count down, blast off
Nah gradually
We taking over the game
I Ain't focused on fame
Proving em wrong cause they said I was lame
Prolly right tho
Past tense, now
I'm saying. I can write yo
I'm nice yo, they lipo
with Kirby,
you of heard me
Prolly not, certainly so


Verse 3
But No dollar sign on the Internet
And apple will intercept
ITuNe$ traffic, was lacking intellect
In terms of SEO true
But made moves
Listen school lunch and pay dues
Still Roc... Well the nation
And AU know what to do if they hating
Swerve on em
Curve Or get Ignant
You know what it is
I Black, pigment
High melanin
Helen Keller, an intelligent
Felon in uniform
Prison and Tethering
I Damage the amateurs
On and off cameras
And keep up with the veterans
Beats, jack it... Letterman
Who said the flow lacking? Let him in.
You do better then...

Oh, What you expecting more from someone else?
Okay then, Angie, wanna help?
"You got it Kayden"
Guess I'm by myself
I Showed I can keep up
fe fi fo fum beats up
Sick, hot fever
Matter fact
You ain't know this was a speed up
Just Rehearsal. Do this in my leisure
Wanna a feature?

Track Name: Got it ft. Trizzy
Got it

Yes indeed you know TuNe$ got it 2x
Best believe RMG bout it
so Don't mess with me unless you bout it

Yes indeed you know TuNe$ got it 2x
RMG you know we bout it
Yes indeed you know that

got it
And I'm really getting it, sweating it
Nah never letting it,
I know the regiment
Bout it
They're saying we're irrelevant
But we're setting the precedent
And it's evident you
Doubt it
But tell me why
You heard iTuNe$, (No) really? Aight
No house but the rims on your V I C
And That's just to say you're a silly guy
And my technique's complete
Compete with me
You and death meet
I beat the beat then breeze
On a jet ski
you just sleep on me
My mother call it dropsy
Drop seeds, but I will never pop e
Pop, please, my God'll never flop
There's nothing you can ever do to ever stop me
(Slow it down)
Never ever ever in your life boy
That's Beyond eons
Neon, you ain't gotta be all that bright boy
That's right boy
Wright brother
Way past fly
This a light hover
But smooth, operating
That's taboo they say but no Sade
It's TuNe$

Gotta say again that I got it
I don't really care bout who doubt it
Hitman killing, making a profit
No fumes
No hype, no gas, but taking off
Nothing you can do that could stop it
Better know fo sho that I got it

Yes indeed you know TuNe$ got it
Best believe RMG bout it
So Don't mess with me unless you bout it

It's RMG til I D.I.E,
I got deadlocked bars like a hung jury.
Haters tryna eclipse my shining,
it's nothing though paid my tuition all from rhyming.
Hot swag wit a smooth flow.
Toured twice in a month it's all cool though.
Never validation needy cause I'm to low.
I swear it's green lights every where my crew go.
You know the team like directors running every scene
Insomniac, means I don't ever dream.
Cause I live it in reality by any means.
I never settled for the slack like its in my genes.
That's real rap. Regime never lack.
Went to Singapore twice can't wait to go back.
12 weeks on tour put the team on the map.
I used to break law now the bars in my raps.
With TuNe$ in rehearsal.
Need a verse? got a hearse full.
Coffin every track sick cause the hearse full.
Dope schemes never mind that.
Lived the same day twice when I'm flying back.
Cross that international dateline.
Y'all talk plain and I stay flying.
My competition is suicide
I'm never running off of that baseline.
I take time.
Never rush greatness.
I'm the one Keanu up in the matrix.
Ray bans on every time I take trips.
Real since birth never can I fake this.
Don't mess with TuNe$ you know he got it.
Life Sentence coming soon all with timing.
That crucifix on me stay shining.
And I'll live twice cause I rep Christ
you know who I'm in line with.

We just landed at home
For like 3 months we was gone
And ain't none of us is near on

What's the next song...
Track Name: Like a Star
Is it cliche to say you shine bright?
Like a star all alone on a clear night
Or Even with others in near sight
Regardless, you're beautiful in your own right
And rightly so, I'd like to know
If You and I can go, you know...
Somewhere in the future
They just tryna cut, I can suture
Be your Suitor
Cuff link and tie, if I suit you
But you're independent baby and you wear it well
No need for me, you got your own
It ain't hard to tell
I Guess the Odds ain't looking swell
Cause I ain't the only one that you got going like a carousel
Round and round, check the way that i orbit
Mr. Wong. No Rasputia or Norbit
It's just me, flipping M then We
Can go where you wanna be
I mean, I treat ya...

Like a star

Verse 2
Shy guy but had to make a move
Went Slow motion, when you came in the room
Star gazing but had to introduce
You can call me Kayden, but I'm okay with TuNe$
Black Panda, Black Jack, you know what I mean
Black Chiney, 21 til 2014
Well a couple hours before that
I don't make it rain, but you icy and you should snow that
I can show you winter in summer, or we can go back
To the mother land, or my mother's land. JA we grow at
Get your stamps up, no tramp
Chillin with no Lax
Forget the copies
They Facsimiles silly with no facts
Or we can take it slow, cause i'm frontin
Of course, that's future
But gotta handle the Front end
Get your degrees, believe I'm doing me
Proceed to follow dreams
And Indeed we'll shine...


You Shine...
Track Name: Your Love ft. Kry
Verse 1
Everything that I could have asked for
We have our flaws but of you I couldn't ask more
As for the future, I'm thinking pastor
The potential woman I hustle to get the cash for
Hold you down for the times that you had my back
Complement everything I lack
Second rate anything, you ain't having that
Me too
Curiosity's a result of that
So I find my eyes wondering
Squandering time with what I shouldn't, dishonoring
You & I
What if's and maybes
Just pondering
No actions but curses seem to be conjuring
Talking that generational
Before I get caught up
This is what we should do
Don't think I'm replacing you
I don't know
But i know I don't want to hurt you
Anymore than I have or this will
But there's a hurdle

Chorus (Kry)
Your Love for me
Keeps me wondering if this is what Love should be
Am I giving you everything you deserve from me?
Is this a fairy tale or is this a reality?
Am I doing my part?
By making sure that I'm always protecting your heart
Am I being smart?
Cause I'm in Love... with Your love for me.

Verse 2
But even more I love music
So you say, I ain't gon ask for you to prove it
I'm sure you're right
I know I said that I would do this
As a producer
But I couldn't help the movement
It's sorta like
Rap made your fears real
Same fears that I held
Tour groupie images
Don't sit in your mind well
Born Sinner tracks ain't helping my case
Coming from an artist whose art I embrace
You always said that it affects me
What I hear and what I do has a connection
You prolly want me to listen to some R&B
Put on Pressure, ask for Love and Affection
I know that tune
And even still I spend the most time
Making my own
Too devoted to my own grind
To pick up the phone
Timing is always wrong
Stress it's causing is known
Ain't tryna break your heart
But ain't tryna string you along
Still your


Bridge (TuNe$)
You got me singing
"It's calling my body. It's calling my soul..." Kry you got it
It's calling my mind
Girl I gotta go
Maybe it's the grind
Yeah, we had a good time
(Don't get me wrong)
You've been so good
and I really wish I could
I don't wanna leave
but I gotta go right now
(and you don't have to wait around)
I don't want to leave you
but I gotta go right now...

You make me feel, so unreal. (So gone) 4x
Track Name: Bad Man and Bad Mind
Verse 1
What y'all think I wasn't gon do it
Cause I'm reppin queens and patois isn't that fluent
Wait, don't you hate when people call it Jamaican
I'm just saying
But back to beats that I be slaying
Riddim up, Riddim Dead
Soon as I cue it up in the room that's red
Runnin it like a felon on foot that fled
But ain't gon catch up, an animal I am fully fledged (grr)
Nothing nice, but still a yah suh it deh
Back Blacking till they can't tell the night from the day
This for folk who always hate or got something to say
Who feel some type of way, and start typing away.
Bedrin Get at me, without your need to prove something
Feel like I'm a push over then move something
Instead of fishing for compliments and feud hunting
You cats kill me,
And I just want the room jumping
With TuNe$ bumping, c'mon

Di whole ah dem claim seh dem ah bad man
But dem only hav bad mind
Dem a bad mind fi real
bad mind fi real

God know seh mi ah nuh bad man
But mi nuh dodge man
Still ah riddim mi kill
ah dat alone mi kill

Verse 2
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Can you feel what I'm saying
Or is it hard to pree
Talk bout keeping the peace
And they make it hard for me
See there's levels to this
But they take it to extremes
Must be thinking that meek and weak are synonymous
Just reacting and never seeing the consequence
And I'm confident cause I believe the Providence
Gives me purpose and Earth I'll leave it soon as my time is spent.
So until then I'm murdering beats, it's obvious
Clearly Rehearsing re-hearsing proving my dominance
That chitter chatter is just a matter of ambience
I'm about to switch it up a bit, you know what time it is
(One Drop)
Buss a blank if you know seh you ah nuh parody
And di people dem bound fi see di disparity
Between di hater dem and yuh own a authority
Bad mind mi nah fret, talk mi ah talk it

Track Name: Liberation
There's a, and there's a
And there's a, and there's a finnne.. linnne
Too late to pray that I'm on it..

Ya, yeah, yeah

Y'all, uh-huh, y'all

There's a fine line between love and hate you see
Came way too late, but baby I'm on it..
And there's a fine line between love and hate you see
Came way too late, but baby I'm on it..
See I Love y'all, I just hate what y'all doing

No 9 to five, I’m off of the office
What I offer is awkward. My driving iron, I park it
Put a gauze on a faucet, And I’m still flowing so fluently
You’d think the pressure would ruin me
But of course it’s
Motivation for corpses, But the fifth I plead
And cutting losses, They downing a fifth of Hennessy
Getting Drunk of false hope, High on morse code
Mixed messages
Want the credit, can’t take the course load
Colored clavicle crooks
But they knocking my potential, So I ain’t getting no looks
They’re robbing the hood of theirs
I’m robin hood to my peers
Cause equal opportunity ain’t equal as it appears
Paranoia for peasants, working towards living godly
Revving it like a reverend, Just relevant to the body
Temperance For the temple, But you’re missing it, probably
Crack is wack and I wont back that Molly folly
Prolly works of the system
Perplexed by its perpetuation, The perks are a giving
But the cons don’t reach the conversation, It’s all diminution
I Just thought I should mention
Sincerely hope I still got your attention
You think you’re
Fighting the power impeding on functionality
Well snap back to reality, You’s a causality
If its war
Prisoner if its more, Internal
Consequences eternal
Can’t stay Sojourner
Truth, awaits
But troops sedate
Uproot the haste
Confused by hate
Can’t relate to the moves they make
Don’t see the benefit further than the embezzlement
Betterment of my people is what I’m seeking the credit in
School of hard knocks, Unaccredited
I’m on the solid rock, They’re walking on sediments
Or they walk around settling
Oh that’s Not the case, then what’s the settlement?
Sentences of life, But these sentences for life
And it’s right right now to make it right
So I write, before they write me off
Before any applause
Before this time is lost
What for?
For the sake of the call
For y’all, I’m laying down my all
And it ain’t for the awes at all
Just what we ought to be
And I understand if now you got ought with me
Still I offer me
Track Name: Remember the Rain
(I picked you up when you fell and cut your knee)
Thank You

(Will you remember the rain?) Sure I can
(Will you remember the rain?) How can I forget
(Will you remember the rain?) I just don't talk about it... much

Verse 1
Only remember we was jamming
It's me again Jah, And some tunes from Beres Hammond
But that Luciano
Lord Give me strength
At the time, I ain't know at all what it meant
Or all that would happen next
We were headed to Lu Lu's
Job, got out the car, and got attacked by like two dudes
All black with ski masks
A youngin' like me just staring
They grabbed you up
Pushed you around and pulled out your earrings
Brought you inside and left me out doors
If only I had that strength that we asked for
I could have fought them
I could saved you
But what He didn't give to me
He sure gave you
To get through
And somehow get us together
Put me on the floor, I'm thinking I need a sweater
Thinking this wasn't clever
Why you ain't lay here? On this cold tile. I'm the child, this just ain't fair

But you laid on top with intentions
To cover me
Blessed with a mom that puts nothing in front of me
Not even your own life and still you put up with me
When I'm ungrateful
I'm down you encourage me
You picked me up when I fell and cut my knee, straight to the white meat
And likely
You'll be there to pick up when I fail
Call me lazy, cause I need that
Still your baby, believe that...

(Will you remember the rain?) I remember
(Will you remember the rain?) Yeah, I remember
(Will you remember the rain?) How could I forget
(Will you remember the rain?) It ain't finish yet

Verse 2
Only remember where I hid...
Half way up the stairs
And the other side of the bed
Or I just play sleep
No peace in the place I live
No teething ring or bib
But helpless, just a kid
And tryna break it up
Sis yelled stop (Stop Daddy)
You Forced her to shut up
With a shove,
Clear cross the corridor
Is it because y'all ain't in love no more?
Middle of the night, mommy kicking down my door
Cause you chose to stay with me
In your room you couldn't
And though provoking you is wrong
Laying hands you shouldn't
And still don't know how they got around Dew's neck (Daddy Let go)
why I hid, scared of what y'all would do next
With Dew fresh outta basic training
I think. Escalation would have been lightning to this raining
Even writing this is paining
For leaving I ain't blaming you
Things happen
So even if what people say is true

You picked me up when I fell off my bike
You slept in my room when I asked you at night
You yelled from the sidelines when I ain't play quite right
No gas
You make that beef, string beans and rice
Way Better than anybody ever could
So Don't let bad decisions overshadow all the good
Could have abandoned us
That's without a doubt
So thanks for choosing me
not the easy way out

(Will you remember the rain?) I don't see why I should
(Will you remember the rain?) I mean I do, but does it do us good?
(Will you remember the rain?) How can I forget
(Will you remember the rain?) It ain't finish yet....
Track Name: Crazy ft. Dew & Main (Clean Interlude)
Oh yeah

I'm Ready
Get em (Alright)
(I'm Ready)
All day, everyday
You know

I swear by the ringing of this phone that I'm not alone
People in the walls and I see em, this is in my home
That I see em, so I know I see em when I tell you
The truth that I'm saying, but end up staying at Bellevue
Proof is in the pudding
that's Rum cake at that
I did it when I shouldn't so I'll take it back
Nobody spoke to me
Nobody's in my head
Nobody's supposed to be
Cause that's what they said
Nobody said nothing
I'm alright, fo' real
I know I got rights. My second right's to kill
Right to bear arms
So let me out this shhhhh
Y'all better get a grip
cause I'm about to flip
Let me see the manager
got a complaint...
putting paint thinner in my drink
stole my day time minutes
couldn't talk long
before I knew it my voice was gone.

Really out of my mind
A to Z-Y
I don't know why.
It's a mental issue
I gotta live through
Dreams of wearing a white suit, I can't do...

Maybe I'm crazy I can't tell
But if I can't, then neither can you, so it's all swell
It's all good
If I'm crazy, you think imma tell?
You know I wouldn't cause I'm too intelligent
To give it away, but I get you to listen to find out
To what I say, you won't delay to take the time out
To figure out exactly who I be
but the answer to my question, Am I crazy? Maybe
or Maybe I'm tricking you into thinking I'm crazy
You stay be contemplating on the daily
The day be, only temporary
but I still got you listening cause my style is crazy
It's insane, it's off the chain
not on the rope
In the fire cause it's hot
in the pot cause it's dope
so fresh and so clean
you call me Irish Spring soap
Sure my style is crazy, but me?
The survey says NOPE

Chorus 2x

Do I, do I 3x
Do I sound crazy?
Track Name: Good as Gold (Prod. by TuNe$)
Let's say I'm cooler than uh...
Middle July... In Australia
Sick as sickle cell psychopaths
That's Stuck with Malaria
Llergic to penicillin
Limits? I pen a ceiling
Then match it, burn it with matches
While nothing they pen appealing

It Won't even fight the case bruh
Spitting bout they clique and they clipping
But that's a waste (waist) bruh
Hip to the "real" that they talking but they ain't living
And i ain't tryna keep up with backwards "saggin", that ain't fitting
I don't fit in, or fitting to buckle
They really in trouble
Soon as I double
The rhyme scheme, schemes?
I got me a couple
Punches and puzzles
Been playing with words prior to ruzzle
Talking alphabet soup days
I'm cooking no Soufflés

But it seems that we ain't eating
Regime be the team, making moves
You don't see them
On tv or in a magazine center fold
But we out in AU
So you know I'm good as Gold
Track Name: Eastside, Right on Time
Something light
See I've been missing the Red Room
But I"m back for a little bit
(Kendrick: Canai Finch on the beat)
TuNe$ on the vocals
(Kendrick: Turn the headphone up Ali)
(It's hot man)
Red Room Hell Room
(Kendrick:Here we go)

Verse 1
I woke up in the wee hours
Checked my celly and hit the shower
Got dressed, had pancakes for breakfast
Ima need power,
for this 14 hour flight, borrow Christopher's converter, charge my electronics
Whats next?
Bid adieus, farewells and see you soons
Though I'd really like to stay
It's time to making moves
Time to making tunes
Call it self development
And my minds states on heaven, I'm hell-a-bent
The Regiment Got me
And my father control seas [ctrl+c]
But I'm modest, let's be honest
They flashy like paparazzi
Gaga babies googoo
Look who's talking, Toodle
Ers, with two hands in the air
They need a pickup
Scrimmage the track, a pick up
Scrummage for scraps
No dish up
Holding no leftovers
They not on a level with us
Or maybe the same level
Just different buildings
Either way I'm still making killings
And I'm feeling

Oh so turnt, chilling as usual
with new folk
but there comes the time to go
Airport, right on time, luggage 20 kilos
Plane flight ain't on time, that's okay for me though
O-M-W home honey, I know we hardly spoke
Still I'm feeling that things gon get better though but
Westside, I don't mind,
customs then I go
Eastside, just in time to hit the studio uhh

Verse 2
Before these classes get me down
Trodden and over burdened
Jet-lagging ain't swagging
Like hang overs from swerving
Through many different countries
The time has come for me, to get back on tracks
I kill em, they should be cuffing me
But comfortably
I relax and I sit
Get my drink and then I sip
Write, record and then I dip
When I touch down
Scores, are what I'm thinking of conjuring up now.
Sure, I got the power to just start to buck wild
Formalities would condone
Me brandishing the chrome
But ima stay in my zone
Not an ounce of second guessing
Waking ups my second blessing
Just existing is the first
Not even counting the rest man
Need a rest man, seeing through your Ray-bans
Weapon is concealed, they unarmed like rayman
Like rain man, we fly Qantas
Socially inept but a lyrical savant It's
Me, I, TuNe$ and yes I too
Commit lyrical assault
So these beats, I bruise
I know it sounds corny
But like Tom, I cruise
or Penelope
Sick with no remedy
So What you telling me
That you're feeling a way
Basing it all on your feelings today
Nothing to say positive
iPod it is
Just Plug in and play
In my Dre beats
Lookin for some Dre beats
Or forward, chuck deuce to the past
To say peace
The pastor says peace
This rapper says peace
America says peace
Can someone explain please?
But I digress, when I can't stomach or digest
Plus the delays makes me wanna board a plane and fly west
Back to AU, where people be like "Aye you, are you famous?"
I laugh, and just tell em to stay tuned
And I'll stay TuNe$
Unless I change to my government
home safe
It's pretty safe to assume

I'm oh so turnt, wheeling in my two door but solo, ain't got the time no more
First class, right on time, Nikes, Levis, Polo
And it ends, right on time, got four more to go though
Put in work, getting out the money
The only way goes
Seems a long way til graduation tho,
Westside, I don't mind, picking up and go
Eastside, right on time, there's no place like home

Track Name: [Im]Poundcake
Verse 1
I prolly can't even afford this
That's why I make my own
In my home I record this
Say red room say red room
So it sounds grandiose
But I'm dozing off
This my bed room
Where I spend my whole day dreaming Awake
used to get in trouble for day dreaming, or saying
Something to my neighbor in class
(So they said, But I was rapping to myself)
That's the past
Now I'm rapping for these people
Who's wondering where I been
No support, so I'm wondering if we friends
Airports, for the sky's that I'm living in
Christ gets the wins but like we ain't get the dividends
See I can't act like I don't need it
Spitting these killer rhymes but dead lines they don't meet em
It's Like they don't read the contracts
Or The contacts need contacts
To combat being broke and ungrateful
Bake my own cake
And say grace when ever plates full
That's Full a food or full a air
See this fool was full a fear
But scared, money, don't make none
And if you follow templates you just make ones
Won't get fed if you reserved
So till the cash box is the federal reserve
200 what we clock, and the naysayers we swerve
Cause this is what we do
CDC say it's a verb
So You can go and tweet, rt, blog it and blurb
TuNe$ back for the first time and his flow true as the word
So you may say debatable
But know fo' sure who wrote this
Slanging slang on beats, prepared potent
Family bank on me, we stay open
No bail out, no government check, no chase Morgan
Stressed out, looking for something chase Morgan
Sir roc and lil Richard don't relate
Here Wray & Neph still getting that black cake
But see my pockets ain't fat
Because I lack cake
and gang money in fact is,
Crippling; Crab cake
And big homie is home
He gotta stack cake
Like a wedding
But this cheese got us a Rat race
Jerry vs. Speedy G
We gotta catch pace
So please don't call it greed
But give me the cash straight
They tryna castrate dreams
Lock my drive down
Still it's inbound that impound

Verse 2
And Scott said he don't wanna hear no more struggle rap
But if we ain't eating, how imma stomach that
So I'm killin it, like or not
Double tap
Still Jamaican by nature
I wear a dozen hats
Jack of most trades, guess I'm master of nothing
Like ima end up mastering mastering nothing
Broke as a joke, ain't tryna be laughing at nothing
Tryna have my dollars long
Must be a pastor or something?
What would be nice, is Darlene's checks
Still I shout to The Lord
Like Darlene Zczech
Gotta be crazy tithing with all these debts
But Only 10% he ain't over charge me yet
While Unis still raising their tuition
And Intuition says that it won't help me see fruition
And I ain't in to wishing, superstition or religion
But Relationship determines resources so pay attention
Can't take for granted I ain't alone
But watch who you 'round, they may be found fake
tryna castrate dreams
Lock your drive down
Still it's inbound that impound
Track Name: [Not] All Me ft. Sean Black, Angie & Army
Chorus (Sean Black/ Angie/TuNe$):
Don't got everything
Don't need everything
See I can't complain
I cannot
I can't even tell you how I made my way to this spot
Ain't a lot of help
But I can't forget what I got
Still they try to front on me but I
Came up that ain't all me
Stay true that's all me
iTuNe$ that's all me
All me for real
Came up that ain't all me
Stay true that's all me
Me and my homies
This RMG for real

Verse 1 (TuNe$)
... That's the coalition
But shout out CNS, 2g, N2x,
Red Room. Confusing whom dissing
Cause they say we ain't the best
But they nodding, well I guess
They sleep.
Good night. Good riddings
No hype. Good writtens
Must be on a count of the gifting
Tryna put me in a box
But they themselves
in prison in prisms
But Back to the premise
Go to guy
Better chance naming something I don't do
More is in store
Told you before
iRap, iProduce, iDance, iTuNe$
They getting outta line
I shape up
They getting better rhymes
Then I get better
Jack of most trades
I Promise no shade
But If they flow cold. Then iKnitSweaters
But I can't do this all on my own accord
Mercy (Murci...) driven, you own a ford
TuNe$ Royal that I owe The Lord
No E, See I just came
Home from Tour
I Said. (What You Said?!)
Never mind chitter chatter
Cause I know what I said
What they think it don't matter
Matter fact
No opinion
Theme, I'm a king
Through the King's dominion
What I really want


Verse 2 (Army):
I came from the slums... Raised by the gun
Brain changed. Bang bang .. Gang banged with the bloods
Lived on the streets I was saved by the bloods
Then I met Christ I was saved by his blood
From Piru to sky blue
Skies to recite Truth
Red eyes on red eyes. I'll remind you
We the next best. That's def. I can sign you
Clearly I'm Ken. TuNe$ must be Ryu
Known where I come from. Know where I came from
No it ain't me. His grace is amazing
Regime all around me. Team of victors
Bars... only gotta freeze for the pictures
I love the way that I came up
Tour the world with my day ones
A couple friends are my days twos..
They love to lie if they hate truth
They hate us and I'm good with that
Christmas flow,mean I'm good with raps
Camo 3 you know I'm cooking that.
No chiropractor won't look at back...
Then again, I won't remember it
This is the regiment.
I don't wanna use that rhyme scheme
Space, where u find.
I had to sign me.
Great will define me

Track Name: A Lot Wilder ft Fidzo, Mony & Dew
Oh My God
grant them grace
cause the pace I'm moving at
makes it hard to save face, when somebody new at rap
is torchering them again,
Water board
Tryna make the starting five from being a water boy
On tracks I just come alive
They're washed up, they're on the shore
Aye bae bae, watch how I ride the wave
screaming "All aboard"


Alright, TuNe$ back
so move back, just a little
cause when you rap
you bruise that, instrumental
but i chew tracks
pass bone, down to the gristle
and it's so sad
someone please get them a tissue
Cause I'm spitting right at you
bless you
and all the people that back you,
them too
Filling up your bubble but you're number 2
You ain't gotta ask, others trash, we the best who
Doing it
Sleep on a beach, you can rest assure
On this beat I'm a freak, people beg for more
Plenty wholes in your swag
man your style's a bore
Just avoid body bags, it's best you get
down or get done off
a round if you run off your mouth
but I'm just awesome now
flows Imma floss em
Dot "T"s and I cross em
I don't know
TuNe$ is wild
but I'mma chill for now


Track Name: Red Room ft Army, Dew & DJ Marvel (Prod. by TuNe$)
Commitment ... Along persistence .. I'll go the distance
I'm omitting ...the competition ... And not to mention
Naysayers. Hay-makers all they get from me
Do not take that literal but literally it's lyrically
I am me. But it's R-E-G ... I-M-E... I am beast
X-men sketching lesson blessings stressing lessened
I am free
A-R-M...Y its me
hire me for fire speech
I decrease my father peeks cause we got the sinergy
... Same page... And my brain changed...
Cause I hate lame and I hate plain
But don't hate plane cause I hate same
Get a AK then I take aim...
At they game ... And blast off...
Great is like they last choice
Doing well flowing out my shell like I'm Blastoise
Red room dead room extra levels all these beats be dying here
Disappear like jumper parachute the jumper flyer gear
Private practice purposely pre-gaming prior pioneers
Why'd I do that. I don't know
but you should fear cause I am here.

In the Red Room, the Red Room (Say What)
The Red Room, the Red Room (Say What)
The Reddest Room, the Reddest Room (Say)
Not the bathroom or the guest room or the... (What)
Say Red Room, Say Red Room (Say What)
Say Red Room, Say Red Room (Say What)
Say... Red Room
Red Room Red Room

Well I couldn't be better myself but how are you doing?
These things should keep to myself but only few knew
when I used to take it easy, more respectable
Red room she feeds me, beats delectable
Accessible to only a certain select few
While we working to get through
Just a couple we let view
From the outskirts with a outburst and the loud shirts saying "Kry out"
Never die out of the context But it's complex those you can tie out...
Side my ride but deep inside u know my flow heaven sent
Foolish pride is suicide, couldn't purchase for 11 cent
Foolish guy it's do or die
But who am i to crucify
Your suit and tie like super fly
I'm rooting for this music why
I do so much when I can
Understand it I didn't plan it
Demanding I gotta have it
See land and I gotta grab it
Like life in the morning That night you might be mourning A loss...
best take heed this is a warning Cause we here...

In the Red Room, the Red Room (Say What)
The Red Room, the Red Room (Say What)
The Reddest Room, the Reddest Room (Say)
Not the kitchen, living, dining room or... (What)
Say Red Room, Say Red Room (Say What)
Say Red Room, Say Red Room (Say What)
Say... Red Room
Red Room Red Room

Red room, where I reside
And yet, where tracks applied
The best, well it's implied
The rest, can go and di-gest
It's hard to stomach
They vomit, stumble and plummet
Take heed or take nothing
Run with us or run from it
That's victor or victim
Track heat? I assist 'em
I just, crack, whip on your back
Slave to the crack beats in your system
Spitting cause He's risen
So I say murk
Listen, just living in the red room go insane perks
It works, as my office, ask gates
And there's no waits
Just setting my own pace
And my own flow
You a slow poke
In this here race, better grab skates
Make haste and chase (Morgan)
Everything they say is boring
Ain't no other way to score it
One to ten, how fly? I'm soaring
I get a high when I rhyme any time, it's true
I'm an addict. Call it magic
But the color in mind ain't blue
Check the package
And the fact is, well,
This gon be something to see
If you ain't got a bed in the red room
Track Name: Champion* (Prod. by TuNe$)
Verse 1

Standing my Ground
Holding it down
Going to town, on what I need to
Working for the crown
Then I shred it into equal
Parts and pieces for my people
Just to show that y'all are kings and queens
Never Feeble
This is needles to the veins flow
That's Straight dope
Taking you higher
But them thangs won't
They lack the potency
Poetry where the focal be
Focusing on my folk and me
Growing, we got no time
For that bogus hocus and pocusing
Magic? Nah
You looking at miracles
All in Espiritu Santo
Get with it pronto
Hoping that combo's
Nothing too lyrical
I'm a head honcho
With words
not balling like rondo
They curbside
we in the condo
But still inner city
You moving on up
Come on please say it with me

I got the victory x3
I'm a champion.
(I'm winning) [twice]

I'm a champion
The best yet to come
They say it can't be done
But I already won
Run until I finish
I'm already on the track
So All that's left is run

Right(?) into my victory
You can call me victor
Breaking the richter
Enemy's energy helping
But God is what makes me a winner

Verse 2
And got me here spitting
This gifting is nothing for play
Words have power, as of today
It got all the haters just running away
With nothing to say
Well nothing that matters
Cause my self image is nothing to shatter
You are a winner
Don't say that to flatter
It's true if you choose
So what would rather
Track Name: [Until] I Choose (Prod. Hotsun Breeze)
Verse 1
The champ is here
If that's so, then the camp is here
You don't really want no issues
Verbal AK? More like heat seek missiles
That recognize real
No big deal if they miss you
Everybody's doing it
But I'm official tissue
I'm talking skin, organs
Still I'm here to bless you
With words of wisdom
Don't try your luck against me
Beats? Kill them
But you knew that
Ain't desperate when speaking on Date lines
See we flew that
AU in 20 got victories then flew back
Who you know that do that?
In God. True that.

And you can tell by the style that I use
I'm creatively superior yo
I never lose
And never loss cause I'm the boss
And never will cause I'm still the champion, chief one, won't lose until
I choose...

Verse 2
And homie never that
Lyrically I'm the better cat
And you know I'm allergic
Rheumatic fever's a definite
I sicken myself
So sick I sickle the cells
Of the mind where these thoughts are held...
I guess that's why my mind's Sharp
No lies on my part
Can't do this all myself
I already Told you I got the victory
In God
plus OG Hotsun he made the beat
Played his part
Hopper meet sensi
So eloquently we killing it
For LA

The la.

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