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The first of many mixtapes from Kayden 'TuNe$' Wong... with a couple beats from Scott Craig, and the rest produced by TuNe$ himself! They say "Fans want to support the artists they love," so that's what you would be doing when you buy here (or at least listen and download)!


released December 31, 2011

Artwork by Kayden Wong
Recorded and Mixed at The Red Room, Queens, NY


all rights reserved



WongTune$ New York, New York

Jack of most trades. Not what you'd presume. iRap, iProduce, iDance; iTuNe$... Tryna be King. No Joker. Impossible to explain myself within 160 characters, 16 bars, or this Bio section.

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Track Name: An Intro

It's only right that I start with this
Cause Scott introduced me to this music biz ness

Yeah, you know fish don't smell in the water.

Verse 1

At first I overlooked this one
Thank God I made that trip
Down Merrick to Sutphin
Down to DC, well down to see Z
That gave me a couple hours
Just me and my PC
And uh...
Let's just say we make magic
Forget a Mac
I'm just saying that cause the funds looking tragic
And that's why I'm blacking
You can get a tan and be married to this rap
Yeah, I'll be the best man
The better man, yes I am
You do it big, I do it grand
I'll do the Trig, go off on tangents
They Consine
Cause I eat tracks
Not swine or bovine
My bruva
Grace and peace
No Gluttony, keep the pie
Just let me taste a piece; Please
And break off a piece for my kinfolk
Now how's that for an intro


If you don't know what you in fo'
Then you best get the info
Now how's that for an intro

Verse 2

Last name Wong
First Name Kayden
Middle name something Spanish
But TuNe$ is what I'm claiming
Chinese Jamaican
Represent Queens
And everyday life
Yeah I represent dreams
No tats, no peircings, no chains
No cursing
Maybe damn and hell
Place I ain't tryna see in person
Guess I'm doing aight
But my momma still working so something aint right
Everybody else laid off
Forget playoffs
Got loans and tuition to be paid off
So I'm tryna get on
Plus I can trade this '97 for a 2011
And then on
Just to match the date
If you aint got nothing to offer
You can pass the plate
Jack of most trades, not what you'd pressume
iRap iProduce iDance


If you don't know what you in fo'
Then you best get the info

Now how's that for an intro


It's iTuNe$
Nah mean (Finally)
Stuff I've been working on for a while (You'd think it was the Detox)
My first mixtape
You know the next one's goin to be crazy
And that's that
Shout out to Scott
Shout out to Dew
And shoutouts to you (most importantly)
And that's me on the piano
Track Name: Ignant
Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap (Y-Y-Yaow)
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (Yeah, uh)
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (T-T-TuNe$)

Verse 1
I should spit some ignant mess
But I digress
I'm still hungry even after all the beats that I digest
Feed Me Feed Me
Cause these eggs heads over easy
And I'm Spitting that high grade
cross oceans
And I still couldn't see weed
Well I guess couldn't see me
Cause the flows herendous
In a good way
You know bad is good
But on another level
Closer to the top
Like a toupee
And I go hammer
Tool tray
And my entree is a buffet
And I go in like a kid with a strict curfew on a night right before a school day
No delay
If I'm elementary
Then your Pre-k
If your meant to over see me
Then we know today's not the D-A-
Don't ask no questions
Just get the lesson
And lessen the pain
Its TuNe$
No guessing the name

Can I get ignant...
Go dumb
Off of swagger and swank
Go kwazy
Swag it out
Like I'm lazy
Aint no doubt
They gon' pay me
But they try
Try to play
But I don't
let it faze me
I just

Get get ignant...
Go dumb
On these track, what you think?
I'm kwazy
Swag it out
Like I'm lazy
Aint no doubt
They gon pay me
Yet they try
Try to play
But I don't
let it faze me
I just

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Swag on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Style on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Swag on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Leh go

Verse 2
I wonder how it should go
In reference to the flow
It's a definite
What ever it is, I got it
Fo show
That's what Dew said to me
Tho Ellipsis (dot dot dot)
Now back to the business
And the matter at hand
Should I go Turkey or ham
Either way we demand
That I kill it so I'm killing it
ITuNe$, TuNe$ I am
Red Room, Deceptive Cadence
Make room, its best you just dance
Cause I'm too hot, put shame to satan
And I won't stop
No brake pads
No pause; Straight
Winning at any and all rates
Terminally ill, that's a small case
Better get insured with all state
Don't ask no questions
Just get the lesson
And lessen the pain
Its TuNe$
No guessing the name
But one thing

Can I get ignant...
Go dumb
Off of swagger and swank
Go kwazy
Swag it out
Like I'm lazy
Aint no doubt
They gon' pay me
But they try
Try to play
But I don't
let it faze me
I just

Get get ignant...
Go dumb
On these track, what you think?
I'm kwazy
Swag it out
Like I'm lazy
Aint no doubt
They gon pay me
Yet they try
Try to play
But I don't
let it faze me
I just

(2 Times)
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Swag on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Style on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Swag on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Leh go

Leh Go
Track Name: Get Well Soon
Verse 1
Kayden Wong
My Born identity
Starting with a song
End with more than a trilogy
Dig deeper
To ensure that you're feeling me
And when I'm gone
That you all will remember me
But there's enemies
Wasting energy
Tryna level me
What's the remedy
A taste of their own medicine
Then again, I ain't got the time
I guess they're never getting better then
They're Terminal, but I'm passing through terminals
Catching flights so their plights
Get a word or two
Their Chita chatter
It don't matter to me
And I'm cooking up tracks
Toasting and battering beats
Just to eat, so I black
Fresh tar in the street
So the best's how I rap
And am... Arguably
But a fly young man I am
Don't you agree
Aww man, hear the critics again
Oh well, You see, You see

I know That they sick
Cause I'm doing me
And Snakes think that they're slick
Tryna ruin me
But they can't cause there ain't no subduing me
I don't really care what they say
Tell 'em haters get well (get well)
Cause I'm nice and they not
so Oh well (oh well)
And despite all the odds
I excel
What they got I'm immune
Tell 'em Get well soon
Hater Get Well Soon

Verse 2
Get well soon as you can
Where you stand is obvious
Frienemies plan what they can
But copy us
Haters are stans, yup they're fans
Just optimus
Prime examples of the confused
An ample amount of fools
Just hating on everything that they wanna be
But gasing these lyrically lame wannabees
While I can barely get a fan when I wanna breeze
But I'm still ill, so they sick
Bet they wanna sneeze
Wouldn't put it past you
God Bless
No rest
cause these bills are past due
So I go off like my phone bill is too
And rip tracks like girl fights
Back in highschool
Just do it how I do
How I do it
Aint tryna be no one else
So there aint nothing to it
Maccing but they hewlett
Packing but my tool is
Lyrics; They make me a menace
Beats I'm making influence
The Movements


Verse 3
Get well soon cards mailed
Cause schemes they all failed
They wanna see me stop but I'm not... Aw well
All's well
They're thinking aww hellllll naw
Disrespect that's another ordeal
I'm saying
That they ain't really saying nothing
But I aint tuff, it's keys if I'm pressing buttons
But I'm about my business
Get the button down
Bow tie and vest
Since I'm dressed, you're in trouble now
Maybe later, I'll prescribe some medication
Dr. Wong
I reserve the right to reservation
Check my aspirations
Mix that with dedication
And self esteem
Roller, no folders
Better dream
Cause that's the only place you'll ever catch me
You should go ahead and call me pappy
Cause I leave dead beats
But I ain't gon stress if they aint feeling this

Chorus x2

Tell 'em
Get Well Soon
Get Well Soon
(Repeat 2x)

How soon? Real soon Tell em'
Get Well Soon

Tell 'em
Get Well Soon
Get Well Soon
(Repeat 2x)

How soon? Real soon Hater
Get Well Soon
Track Name: What It Is ft. Trizzy
Intro (Trizzy)
It's Trizzy
TuNe$ I got you Bro

No I'm not tony but you know ya boys grinding,
never on the ground so like mya ima rise then,
my sky is filled with clouds but the son of God is shining,
covered in his glory so I'm glowing no diamonds,
The logo on the fitted will always be NY and,
I'm a rep the city cause I'm JFK flying,
how I cross seas but never was a pilot,
and since I'm in the sky its only right that I'm the flyest
Always on the move and the real move in silence, feast on the beats take a minute let it digest,
I'm working with the boss you steady with the clients, my team is the truth all the lies we defying
Let the gold chain hang around my neck,
and the pendant much lower elevating my respect,
sick dog on the track TuNe$ is the vet,
get it crackin on the beat heroin what I inject

Chorus (TuNe$)
You be what it was and we be what it is
We in the house, but you know what it is
That swagger talk played, but you know what it is
We do what it does, while you do what it did

Verse 2 (Trizzy)
I see the green enlighten nobody stopping me,
I paciao the fakes I'm boxing out the hypocrisy,
when I'm not at work haters find time for clocking me,
I see there is no worth I'm giving them no commodity
This is my purpose I'm hurting beats no apology,
satan I'm defeating no tweeting but you should follow me,
he swag jacking cause honestly no ones hot as me,
my writing is lighting its shocking what comes out of me

Pause, I'm sorry I had to do that.
TuNe$ on the track just in case you're asking 'who dat?'
Tough beats and cool raps to show that you fools wack
money to make so through music we move crack
Spit flames; Pyro
Amazing; My flow
Carving through beats, ya'll just sweat treats: Gyros
Yeah I know, I'm too cool for the heat
so I'm a take it easy and just worry bout the beat.

Yeah and ima worry bout the flow, green light clutch switch gears pedal to the flo'
That's how it is, that's how it be, you ready to ride the wave you gotta be shore to sea
I'm switching on different planes enhancing from shore to sea, the medal I will obtain nobody go hard as me
Used to be Nitro now they call me Trizz, getting bizz like traffic in city we what it is


Bridge (TuNe$)
Did (Echoes out)
Did you
Really think that
We were through?
Then you really don't know

Verse 3 (TuNe$)
Out with the old, in with the new
Regime's the crew
And we be what it is
They tryna unravel the secret of time travel
But That's something that we already did
They rarely
Barely can bare me
Or scare me, they fear me
I handle things squarely
They just squares
They can't fit in my circle
Never be peers
Killings in my Nature Boy
Nothing like Ric Flair
Born sinner
Deading beats is a habit
And it's No days off
Not even resting on the sabbath
habitual blacking addict
A ritual, grabbing static
I Take charge
Discover and Master cards
That the Master gave me
I be with the son so some be acting shady
The aftermath
Well I actually laugh
Cause they say that they stars
But I'm passing gas
And the fact is that

Track Name: I'll Be OK ft. Kry
Yeah, umm
I'll Be OK, I'll Be
I'll Be OK, I'll Be
I'll Be OK, Be OK
I'll Be OK, Be OK

Yeah, Look

Verse 1 (TuNe$)
I'll Be OK
If I never see you again
as long as I got laptop keys or a pen
so I can write down what I'm feeling
still there's no sense in me greaving
forever cuz you're leaving
Me . . .
but it seemed so clear:
White gown, long aisle, wedding vows, joy tears,
Bliss with the Mrs.,
Hershey's kisses,
Time reminiscing.
But now I'm just missing
You. . .
and though with time wounds heal
I'm impatient
Need to move on but i'm pacing
with no displacement;
Heart at a stand still.
Surreal to me
but I understand
I'll keep it a hundred
I've been
only 50 percent
ever since you left
and I'm still wanting
everything my way
but No Worries
I'll Be OK

Chorus (Kry)
And you can go about your business
even though I still love you
I'll Be OK 4x (I'll Be OK)
Although my heart may be in pieces; Shattered
I'll Be OK 4x

Verse 2 (TuNe$)
I'll Be OK, if we never share words again
cause I already have my fair share of friends
That I can talk to for any reason
and who will keep me from feeling the way I'm feeling
now, so this evening
we're going out for a little
too relieve some stress, dance til I'm brittle
Til I'm weak in the knees
Til it hurts when I walk
and I'm mad shorties a tease fronting like she don't want to talk
I can't even be mad at her
my hearts elsewhere so it doesn't even matter
clubbing doesn't help
she's still on my mind
Joe said it the best
'Certain wounds only heal over time'
So still
I'll keep it a hundred
I've been
only 50 percent
ever since you left
and I'm still wanting
everything my way
but No Worries
I'll Be OK

Chorus (Kry)

Verse 3
I'll Be Ok, if i never touch you again
cause you don't feel me and I can't make a mend
to the love connection that you and I shared
cause you're off with the next man, so why should I care
It's weird
but let me stop, that's the wrong attitude
If you've already moved on then what can I do?
Dew, tell me why can't I move
That's how I felt before I ran into this
Gorgeous young lady
inside and out
under the same yolk, rep everything I'm about
I'm talking virtuous, plus her smile is wonderful
as a matter of fact, everything bout her's beautiful
I'm a keep it a hundred
I'm mid-hundred percents
and it doesn't make sense
that I, could feel this way
so I wish you the best
but as for me? I'm more than OK, OK?

Chorus (Kry)

Don't worry about me
I'm good
said I'll Be OK
Track Name: A Good Time
We're just having a good time
A good time
Ain't nobody out here acting shady
We're having a good time
A good time
Me and my fellas and my special lady
We're having a good time
A good time
There aint no ifs, buts or maybes
Right now is a good time
To feel fine
A good time
It aint no crime

Verse 1
So I'm going out, Yeah
Know me and my peoples gon be out there
And there aint a shadow of a doubt
I got a feeling,
A real good feeling
That its about
That time
For fly gear
Just to show off
When we hear our song
You know that we gonna go off
But standing in line
Got me a lil cough
Its cold out here
So these girl are at a loss
But we gon be fine
Leave the cold behind
Soon as we find
The dance floor
I already am a creature
No need fah liquor
I Take a breather
Then dance mo'
You can put your cups in the air
But please don't spill it
Toast to just genuine fun
That's the spirit
Joy looks good on me
So I wear it
And You too
so Lemme hear it


Verse 2
Now I'm a just two step
Chill, cause your boy ain't fresh to death
I'll be that in the afterlife
No threats
Nobody tryna fight
If keeping the peace is wrong
I guess we aint acting right
It aint a issue
I gotta excuse
The haters on the side
Won't even waste my time
Cause they're a waste of time
And in this state of mind
Won't let them tax me
Tell 'em to call a taxi cab
And drive off the face of the earth
Cause I'm blatantly having fun
And I'm just making it worse
Even if the party's dead
We out here making it work
Kill all the drama man
Leave it dead in a hearse
And the dirt
And you gon be glad you came
Passion inspires passion
You might feel the same
And enjoy yourself
Wasn't that the aim?
Well bullseye, that's the game

Chorus x2


Now all my independent women
Two step with me x2
All my independent women
Two step with me x2

And if your man's acting foul
Don't stress it please
Just step with me
All my independent women
Two step with me
Two step

Switch it up if you like
Go ahead
Do what ever feels right
You're taking up space
Being uptight
Glance to the right
If there's someone on the wall
Just look at them like
C'mon x16

Chorus x2

Song Fade Out
Track Name: Just Talking
She said she aint talking to me
But she don't know who she talking to
If she took her time she could probably see
But she thought to slow and she spoke to soon
So I guess I'll do the same
But I, I won't play with you
Because I have no time for these little games
And therefore I have no time for you

Verse 1
I bet you think this song is about you
You right
But you are wrong thinking I can't live without you
You see, You see my world don't revolve around you
Cause I'm, I'm no Q I can definitely do without you
Now I can think about me
I think this just might be
The greatest move you could ever make (For me)
This be the longest break you will ever take (From me)
Because I don't want you

Hook 1
Oh so you wanna talk now
But I don't care what you're talking bout
Cause you aint saying nothing
Look, that's what you get for fronting
This wouldn't be a really good time to start
So what I suggest you do
Before you go and say something smart
Make sure you know who you talking to


Verse 2
I aint the man that you think I am
All your little games are wasting time
You're just watching sand
Move through the hour glass
Not even an hour passed
And you're already on my nerves
And we're supposed to last? (Forever)
When you're forever running your mouth
Never giving me a chance to express what I'm thinking bout
And if I let it be you will never figure it out
So I'm giving you this option
Bounce or walk it out
(Shhh... Shut up)

Bridge 2
Don't even start with it now
Girl I don't care what you're talking bout
Cause you ain't saying nothing
Look, that's what you get for fronting
This is just a hypothetical response
So I what I want you to do
Next time you wanna say something smart
Make sure you know who you talking to

Track Name: School Lunch
Ha ha

My flow is disorderly, go head and order me. I deliver.
My style is kinda hot, but my flow, it gives 'em shivers
Intoxicating, you'll feel it up in your liver.
I'm bodying tracks and then dumping em in the river.
Far from beginner
More like a veteran
Amateurs, I scramble ya
Has beens? Irrelevant
I'm a tad bit irreverent
But I could care less
Cause Yes I want it all
No I wont settle for less
So Yes, I'm coming for spots
No-body is safe
Yes-terday is gone
Got No time to waste
But just in case I'm a take it easy
Your pacing, I pace it.
Best believe me
You should quit while you're losing
I know that sounds confusing
But you could never better me
Never get ahead of me
No jumping the line. No back skips
Fall back
Schooling kats, class is in session
Fall's back
And with them Jewish holidays celebrated
You getting less schooling hours
And yet you paying
The same price, it ain't right, and you tight cause you ain't nice
Guess that's life
I know you hate it (uh)
The school bell ain't ringing
That's why I'm going off
And you know that I'm nice
I'm only showing off
But they don't fit the criteria
Rappers nowadays are just food in my cafeteria
Trash or mundane
Deceptive Cadence: there ain't no stopping us
Gassing up the wagon
Tagging along? Follow us
Or @ sign Wong Tunes
No dollar sign just
Scrapping the sky
Standing on the metropolis
They look like ants from here
I can't bother with
Magnifying glasses and Sun,
I'm about
Being succinct so you know I'm stomping em out
And I swear that I got it
Rapping's in my pocket
Right next to my wallet
All black billabong
Inside mildew
Talking all green
Nah mean But i will do
What others do not
Switching up the flow, yeah I know it sound hot
Got a lil bounce, make you wanna diddy bop
Got a lot of money
But see me I get a lot, In different colors
Different countries
Fly, so they're bugging me
Haters steady hawking
Girls be talking cause they're loving me
Unfortunately I got no time
School then Music, married to the Grind

I said I'm married to the grind
married to the grind
and that's word to my Moms
Yeah, Ah
Track Name: Pay Dues
There's nothing like a free beat during the recession. Pause. Yeah

(Yeah. Scott. Look.)

Verse 1
It's hard to survive off of 7.25
And you aint really living
Just tryna stay alive
And even if you're given
You're taken by surprise
Tryna be nice
Might lead to your demise
I rise, I grind
I take the time
To werk
Just to find out that these jerks
Taking mine
Its fine
Just make sure that I'm paid
my social security and medicaid
When it's time
Tick Tock Gun Shots
Go off when they broke and the funds stop
So the fun stops
Can't even go out
Cause you bound to get got when you tryna show out
Dag its Sad
And shorty bad in a good way
So you know I gotta look sharp: Touche
And hope nobody try to front on me today
I'm just tryna make a come up
Is what I should say

They say they
Got a lot of money (Nope)
But tell me
Is that something you relate to (Nah)
Government taking pay from me (Come on)
And I don't even really know what to do (Come on)
If Being broke is a joke
It aint funny (Not at All)
So man l aint laughing with you (Nope)
The first of the month always coming in a hurry (Dag)
Phone, school, car bills they due

Verse 2
Aww Man
What else can I say?
They say girls are pains
But why Sallie Mae?
I know I owe the money,
Dag man Ok
Can I please pay my tuition on Black Friday? (I'm Serious)
I need a discount
Or make this dis count
Tell 'em Get off my back
You need to dismount
That means you'll get it
When I got it
School's already stressing me out
You need to stop it
They tryna cut off my meal plan
Man I gotta eat
So what's the deal fam
Payment differed
But free is preferred
I'm far from rich
Not what you heard
Well tell I'm moving out
Tryna save some money
That's what that is about
That's what I'm choosing
Gotta buy a car
With what money?
I'll figure it out
I don't know


Aww man
*Phone Rings*

I can't get a ride
Mean I gotta walk to that Q85
But my metro low on dough so no lies
I Gotta check the piggy for that 2.25?
Quarters, Nicks and dimes
But you know that's far from drug money
And what I look like
Tryna holla at honey
On the back of the bus
Aint bagging it up
She want a guy with a ride
You know a Ac or a Truck
What's up?
I aint saying she a gold digger (oh, She's a Gold Digger)
But she tryna get a brother making six figures
I figure
That maybe I can get with ya
If I go ahead and mislead you
I mean
Try to borrow something that I really can't afford
Then buy expensive present that I know you will adore
Just to incur debt
Has it occurred yet
To you?
Gotta pay dues to Jet Set

Track Name: In Due Time
Yeah, um.

Verse 1
And I'm back to my mission
Back from a short intermission
Back to the kitchen
Cooking up more yay
Make love to my music
So back to the four play
I'm only beginning
But I'm hoping you listen
for the quotes that I'm dishing
Verses are written
But ridden with troublesome
Tryna get on but
Somethings just off
Yet and still I go off
Like alarms when they break in
People keep pulling my arms
And they breaking
String me along like some brand new shoe laces
Talk bout the greatest
But face it
Got a long way to go
Along with some struggle
A while before the general consensus is I love you
A while before I wild and wow the crowd without a trouble
But how long I gotta wait
Tryna get there on the double

Heals all but the pain of the wait
Make a kid contemplate
Pushing weight
But I wait
Though it can't be hard
A risk I wont take
Cause I can't see bars
I aint build like that
Every minute I can look right back
Shoulda Coulda Woulda
Whens and the what ifs
While enz and my budget
They send me to commit
A felony
Of killin these

Verse 2
What's 50 grand to a kid like me
And there's a million others like me
Dollar and a dream and some loans
Got questions that need answers
And they can't by iPhones
Siri Seriously
This the best that you got?
What can you help me with?
Obviously not a lot.
Aint tryna waste no more time
Aint tryna be in debt, so bet,
I'll rhyme
Not to mention im ill
Where is my RN
Put in work with the pen
I can tell that they aren't
And yet I'm sparring with the thoughts of a loss
Born to be a leader
Plagued with thoughts of a boss
Bought with a cost
Promised life in abundance
But I still want
It aint right if I'm bumbing
Rides all the time
But I Rise and I grind
Clock in
So the second hands on my mind
Aint no stopping


And I wanna make the place rock
Swear that I could make the bass knock
808's Hot
Cause I feel it
And I hope you feel it
No riot just makin treble
Verses makin for some perspiring little devils
I aint playing
Man I aspire for higher levels
Plateaus and plains
So I rap bording planes

Verse 3
Seems like it's more love when abroad
Seems like its more love when you gone
Seems like they finally want you when you stop
Can't tell if I'm patient or stubborn but one thing I'm not's
A quitter
That's for druggies
Tryna be a heavy hitter
They soft and cuddly
Don't misinterpret it for bitter
Cause I know
Even when they hating
Everybody a love me
Track Name: Don't Stop
It's (TuNe$)
Yeah, ha ha, I just like doing that
Never mind
Uh uh, yeah
come on
Uh, look

Verse 1
K-A-Y, D-E-N
W-O, then an N again
Dolla sign, let's rewind
Nevermind me
But I'm back with my A game
Like I never left
Running up the stairs
While they taking baby steps
They steady wanna rest
But I just take a breather
They crying and complaining
I aint doing neither
Do I mind the hate and admeration
Flow hospital, mine sick
I am the patience
In the terminal ward
But I lack the patience
So I'm slaying ev'ry track
Out of aggravation

I do it for you
No I'm not self motivated (Nope)
If we want we'll get through
Anything and we will so they hate it (Ha ha)
But i can't let you own (Nah)
So even when they try to make me fret and frown (Won't Stop)
Don't you know I, Yeah, You know I
Won't Stop

Verse 2
May I remind you, that it's TuNe$ on the beat
Hold up, (WHo dat?) What?, (Ain't that?) Yeah That's me (OK)
Get your double dose
I'm mixing up the medicine
Knocking down the door
If they don't let us in
Kick in the door from the door frame
Holding my rhyme book, and my keyboard man
Picking people off cause you know I got sure aim
And the haters? I'm convinced that they're so lame; No Names.
Anonymous; Bobby Valentino's girl
They sick, but won't see them hurl
They mad, cause I'm glad
My joy they can't take that
And can't nobody in this world
So shout out to my family
Ya'll is who I do it for
pick me up when I'm down
Love is something Beautiful
I couldn't ask for any Mo R-E
Cause God got me I'm invincible


Verse 3
When you're feeling down, thinking you should quit
Don't you give up, no you ain't inadequate
Love is on your side, so you'll get over it
You're an over-comer, warrior, Legit
Don't be deceived. Thinking you can't make it
Keep you head up, yeah, go 'head and face it
Words have creative power so go head and say it
'I can do all things,' Now go display it
So it's not pride, I'm just Grate-
ful, full of thanks everyday that I wake
And yeah I make mistakes
But nothing I regret
As long as I move forward and never regress
So I'm pushing out my chest, chin up, shoulders back
Standing tall, yeah they noticed that
Cause I'm focused jack
But never mind me
I do it for ya'll
I thought I told you that

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Blinded (Let You Go) ft. Army

Blinded by her feelings (She's feeling)
Feeling like she's all alone (feeling all alone)
She knows there's something missing (Listen)
He's the only way to go
She don't understand
So she's always chasing Men
Thinking they will give her value
But they never really can
Baby girl just let it go
Its ok tear let 'em flow
I'm thinking, I'm feeling
There's something, something you should know
He will never let you Go

Verse 1 (Army)
Her life is such a movie
she cannot read the script
She struggles with dyslexia and she's illiterate
So everything is backwards even when it comes to men
And she walking with her enemies; She thinking they're her friends
She getting high cause her self-esteem is lower than a baritone
Wishing she could fly away, but with life she carries on
Burdens as a carry on. Happiness she checked it in
Her father never loved her and now she says she's lesbian
Searching for some lust to cover up the void she left inside
And she know she bugging, Ah, satan is the pesticide
But she will continues with her front and put the rest aside
Lost it all, all her fam and friends, so all that's left is God
She don't know that, Cause she don't know him
She think she needs a fix because she broken
But I'm tryna tell ya He's a father and a lover too
You don't even love yourself but he is and love with you


Verse 2 (TuNe$)
Beauty and Brains
But she got that phrase twisted
Down to get High, liquored up
Stay Lifted
And Once she's there it's a wrap, shorty's Gifted
She's dying to live, she'll open up no assistance
Searching for that feeling
Of freedom
Can't leave dem dudes alone
It's like she needs 'em
To validate her
But they'll never date her
They call her cause she's a
Bad woof woof
That's why these men Dog her
Product of Television and cosmetics
Fam thinking she's ok cause the Doc said it
At her last check up, but she's ready to check out
The stress she can't take it Inside
Depression won't get out
But she's a cover girl
Hides her feelings real well
What she wants is so close
I tried to tell her
God's waiting to show her Love
I wonder if she knows
She just can't seem to see it
Cause she got her eyes closed
and she's


He will never let you go (No)
He will never let you go (No)


He will never let you go 4x
Track Name: Superior ft. Army, Dew, Fidzo & Kry

Get Your Hands Up, up 2x

Get 'em up, put 'em up, put put your hands up
and bounce
Get 'em up, put 'em up, or you can nod your head
Get 'em up, put 'em up, put put your hands up
and bounce
Get 'em up, put 'em up and watch us
Kill it, kill it, DEAD

Verse 1 (Army)
This that Cemetery music. I just spew this,
this that fluid.
That embalming. Yes, I'm Army, money on cartridge
I just do this, Blow it.
Notice that I am Regime
Swag on Jason, see the green
Vegan team, no complacency
You're not fly, that's latency
Delayed heat waves, when I speak,
K-E-Double N-I-T-H seat planes
When the beat plays, seek page
Then it meet grave. Really hope he saved
Either way it'll see flames
Each day seek grace no replays
Relays. Run it all . Till it see Kay
Then it goes to Dew
Here goes the noose
My man hang it up Like 3 k's
No Dre, flow craze, till a snow day
On my wrist, but my tracks, keep em propane
Ok, just spit no bibs.
Sonning all these rappers, that's it no kids
Right Fidz? Like lidz: on top
Meth my swag, but I spit that rock
I don't miss that spot when I hate myself
So I flow like a wrist when you hate yourself,
Or doors. 4 more
I'm almost done
Jesus died so am I one?
One of chosen, Yes I is.
He beat death so yes I won
Bridge that gap, oh Yes, I did
D-E-C, that twenty fifth
This a gift.
R.I.P. to Michael jack but this is it
Mony don't Kry

Chorus (Kry)
Said we on our grind and you ain't got time
You ain't never gonna catch up man, you're out your mind
We've been doing this for years, and it ain't gon change
All we know is money shows and our private planes
Signing autographs til our hands hurt
There goes my signature on your girls shirt
Watching thousands of our fans on the line
Cause we never ever lost sight of the grind

Verse 2 (TuNe$)
I'm the best. . . What I can't say that?
Well I said it already, replay that
And I do what I want to. Unfortunate for you, like Pat
You can't say Jack
Hammer on the beats, nail in the same track
Rhythm in the sheets, flows coming ASAP
So I'm spitting in thirds, that is my word
Avoid getting curbed, and just lay back
Let me enjoy my time.
Mine so I'm a exploit my rhymes
Psycho, I'm a go, all the time
Loopy, ya'll just Goofy
I'm... Better put together, they broken action figures
Oh so you mad, I figured
Well take this rock and Kick it:
Off of bridges, in traffic.
You and these tracks can share caskets
Look at these wack little rabbits
Hop-ping on tracks, but can't get carrots
So I'm TuNe$ with a dolla sign
Super Id so I'm out a line
But out a time
I think I said enough
Yeah that's fine

Chorus (Kry)

Verse 3 (Fidzo)
Fidzo's me but I switch the name
To the best MC to have hit the game
And since I came & took hold of this rapping
Never let it go till my wrist is sprained
I was sick of rain, so my sun was born
Shining light to the darker forms
I stepped out my dorm, which is far from norm
Cause the obstacles ahead is where my heart belongs
I know deep inside the reaper hides and trys figure out my doings
With this music start a movement bigger than Martin Luther's
Bout to lose it, ya'll can off it, me, I get right into it
Black and blue it, killed it and stuffed it with embalming fluid
I'm the truest. Don't dare try to box me in, you'll get 'X'ed out
And I'm less bout that frail life
That's why I walk around with my chest out
Any wrinkles in my plans gettin pressed out
Cause it's easier to ride than get left out
My suggestion to the lesson is get with it
Or get the stepping
It's FIDZ!

Bridge (Kry)
Said we on our grind and you ain't got time
You ain't never gonna catch up, man, you out your mind
Watching thousands of our fans on the line
Cause we never ever lost sight of the grind

We aint lose it (x5)
We aint lose yet
And we aint losing

Verse 4 (Dew)
(Im Ready)
I ready to get errr done
No matter whether its fear or fun
Cause son, this is my moment
So I own it
Couldn't loan it if I wanted to
Wouldn't be something I wanna do
Whatever it is that I wanna do
Super Id.... follow through
Follow suit to the ace of spades
Shotgun to head be late for days
Got one full of led
Let dead men lay
I'm wondering what dead men say
When they're marked for death
And they run into Kay-den
You add a few more that are willing to play
Bet on the house you'd be winning today
Or end up in a ridiculous game (Slaughter)
Different plane,
Not complicated, I like it simple n plain
Sip on the plane,
Pupils dilated, still I be tripping the same
Visions of fame,
Moves motivated, like I be switching the lanes (Speeding)
Sick in the brain.
Man, didn't mention my name.

Outro (Dew)
Can't believe I forgot again
I tried to my name in one of these verses
Track Name: Ignant (Remix) ft. Army
Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap (Y-Y-Yaow)
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (Yeah, uh)
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (T-T-TuNe$)
(Red Room)

Verse 1 (TuNe$)
I said
I should spit some ignant mess
But still couldn't do it
My flow is too fluent and true
Yours is truant and chewy
Bubble gum rappers got nothing that moves me
Better they bounce, bounce
No better they bounce
Swiping a style
But don't charge my account
Charge up your battery
Shorting 'em out
Tryna get money in larger amounts
And in reverence, I give ten percent,
Don't nothing change, But the currency,
and the time zone, who I do it fo'
That stays the same
Family, God, me and y'all
No whips and chains involved
'Less we breaking 'em
Building bridges up
That's what I call "Living Up"
So I gotta work, putting work in
Put the track in a hole, and I shovel dirt in
Tryna show out, I pull the curtains
We gon' win, Best believe I'm certain
Don't ask no questions
Just get the lesson
And lessen the pain
We changing the game
But one thing...

Verse 2 (Army)
(Can I get ignant...) Let me spit this death
Let me speak this life. Ima get these checks
Yea I'm known as a beast any beat I roar on
its an oxymoron ima kill these vets
Lemme feel these jets. I'm Timothy Tebow
Lyrically Debo, mentally eagle
Meant to be evil. But that's inversed.
Ever Since my pen work. This'll turn into regal
You watching a movie made. We will remove the fake
If the jacuzzi break. I'ma still be heated
They talkin real life but the life ain't theirs
They got life in there, so the real is dreaming
Real: Regime is..
We ain't gotta prove nathan
Don't plan to get fired and go to the fire
With fire I'm firing Satan
.. Is that too Christian? For the cats who listen
We live on earth... Work, with a cash rules mission
Don't ask no questions.
Just count my blessings.
I'm just making it happen
This raw But think of it backwards

Can I get ignant...
Go dumb
Off of swagger and swank
Go kwazy
Swag it out
Like I'm lazy
Aint no doubt
They gon' pay me
But they try
Try to play
But I don't
let it faze me
I just

Get get ignant...
Go dumb
On these track, what you think?
I'm kwazy
Swag it out
Like I'm lazy
Aint no doubt
They gon pay me
Yet they try
Try to play
But I don't
let it faze me
I just

(2 Times)
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Swag on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Style on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Swag on em
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Leh go

Red room x4

Leh Go

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